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All Press Releases for 11 November, 2008
First public altitude training centers open in Los Angeles

Advanced altitude training technology comes to the US. io has launched its first centre in Los Angeles. io's advanced technology brings the benefits of altitude to everyone without having to leave your home.

CA , USA (Syndacast) Nov 11, 2008 -- An innovative program delivering sporting, health and lifestyle benefits was launched in Los Angeles (November 3rd) by entrepreneurial company io. The US branch of a New Zealand company has set up a sales office in Hermosa Beach and installed the first simulators inside Velocity Sports Performance Redondo Beach.

io’s state-of-the art technology, purpose-written software and sophisticated high altitude air delivery has taken altitude simulation from the realm of elite athletes and made it available to everyday people.

io altitude training helps with sports performance improving recovery, speed, power and endurance, boosts energy levels and wellbeing, provides relief from a range of medical conditions and results in a stronger and fitter body. Other benefits include a maintenance of fitness during injury periods and pre acclimatization to altitude before a long haul flight or a trip to altitude..

io’s Edward Lodge says the company has developed a program that is appealing to people from all walks of life and is flexible enough to fit into anyone’s schedule. Io’s unique masked based altitude training system replaces the older tent methods and enables io altitude training to be used by a number of people.

“The benefits of altitude simulation have long been known and used by the world’s elite sporting community. What we have done is to develop a way to bring altitude simulation and its well documented benefits to the general public,” says Mr Lodge.

“Our program is available to people from all walks of life and our research shows that anyone can live better from the inside out with improved energy levels, sporting performance and wellbeing by undertaking io altitude training.

“Our team has spent significant time developing a unique, sophisticated and responsive high altitude delivery system. The io program delivers high altitude air in an individual program to each user based on the bio feedback the simulator receives from the user. io’s simulators patented delivery mechanism is unique ensuring maximum results”

“Clients simply fix on their own breathing mask, a high-tech pulse and body oxygen monitoring clip, and sit back and relax. They can surf the net, listen to music, catch up on reading or work in peace.”

“Until recently, only elite athletes were privy to the benefits and value of high altitude simulation. “

"Creating an io center within Velocity Sports Performance is a logical start with their diverse clientele of elite athletes, weekend warriors, corporate employees, full-time moms and youth. Now everyone can benefit from boosted energy levels, and better performance in life and in sport.”

Velocity Sports Performance Redondo Beach Sports Performance Director Ken Vick says because the company specializes in the training of athletes adding the latest and most advanced training technology io was a logical decision.

“The performance enhancing effects of the io system are proven through research and we’ve seen it with athletes. The increases in stamina and recovery, through a legal and ethical means, makes this altitude training system an edge many athletes have been looking for,” says Mr Vick

“Now athletes can utilize io programming as a training aid withour all the hassles and expenses of complicated tents and other systems. Our everyday active adult clients can benefit from increased energy enhance training, reduced stress and fatigue, and improved sleep,” says Mr Vick.

io altitude simulation is available only from Velocity Sports Performance Redondo Beach initially with more centres planned in California and across North America and is 100% safe and proven with no adverse side effects.


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